Half-Day Workshop


A Powerful & Engaging IT Event.

CDW Offices - Chicago, IL | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Presented By: Aptris, a Gold ServiceNow Partner

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Here's What You'll Experience.

"I have changed how I look at IT after attending this event!"
–Workshop Participant

A High-Energy Service Management Workshop Like You've Never Experienced Before!


Gartner has called it “One of the Best!” 


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August 13, 2019
CDW Downtown
Chicago Offices

  • 11:00am - Lunch / Meet & Greet
  • 12:00pm -
    • The Fun Begins!
    • Workshop Rounds 1-3
    • Break/Debrief between each round
  • 4:30pm - Final Review & Wrap-up
  • 5:00pm -
    • Workshop Concludes
    • Happy Hour

Who Should Attend?

Business and IT management staff tasked with guiding change within their organizations, including technology, process, or behavioral change. The learning style is high-experience and high-impact. No pre-work is required—the content is approachable to all levels of understanding. 

Teams get more out of this than a sole attendee. We know you might be the only one who can get away. But if you can bring another team member (or two) who can share in the experience, we promise you'll see exponential benefits.


A Service Management Workshop
That's Actually Fun?

This workshop is used globally by executive teams of Fortune 1000 organizations and government departments.

It has been praised by top industry analysts one of the best change management tools for aligning and increasing trust within stakeholder groups involved in behavior, process and technology change programs.

This is a highly interactive workshop, focusing on the processes and tools required to support a business need, with experiences directly related to IT/ITSM/ITIL, ERP, HR, FIN, CRM and branch support systems.


In-Room Dynamics

Participants are given roles in a sub-optimal business unit in which they have to respond to real, everyday challenges and transform processes and underlying technology that meet the needs of the business. The event is fun, engaging, competitive and deeply insightful for a real-world view of service management.


"It was enjoyable and very participatory."

"Definitely the best training course I've been in."

"I recommend it to everybody!"

–Workshop Participants

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